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Aleksey Andronov just completed our course. What does he think?

Would Aleksey Andronov recommend Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization course?

Alexsey says what he really likes about the course is that Matt is straightforward and honest. Alexsey has taken several Youtube courses previously that try to sell the “get rich quick” mentality, but he was pleasantly surprised to find that Matt was different. Matt walked him through every step of the process with detailed explanations and step-by-step instruction, and instead of falsely promising instant success, he actually showed him how to sustainably run and grow his channel over time. Alexsey went on to praise Matt’s private Facebook community, where in addition to having a direct line of contact with Matt, he was able to connect and collaborate with other like minded content creators. Aleksey has started to implement Matt’s advice into his own channel, and he says he is already receiving a noticeable increase in views. Overall, he says that Matt is the most passionate and informative Youtube teacher he has ever had, and he highly recommends the course to anyone who wants to take their Youtube channel to the next level.


My name is Aleksey Andronov, and this is going to be my review of Matt Par's course Tube mastery and Monetization. So what do I think about the course? Well, first of all, let's address, the elephant in the room, as they say in English. Does this course really like lets you easily start making a lot of money on YouTube? Sort of, not really. The course is awesome, but you must understand that of course, to promote a course, to sell the course Matt Par has to be all this like, hyper and positive about how easy, how quick it is. Truth is that there is no easy way to make money, period. You make money by producing like Something of value and exchanging this value for money. So what this course actually does is it lets you basically monetize your talent. So this course will let you find a new way to earn money based on the way that you already have. If you cannot provide value to this world, you cannot make money. So nothing will no quick scheme will change that. It will just be like some sort of scam or some sort of very temporary thing. So you must understand you still will have to do the work and you still have to bring some value to the world. But what this course does is it can be like a leverage. It can leverage your value like one hundreds, ten hundreds, like one thousand, a million times. So if you, for example, want to start a YouTube channel or if you, for example, want to make these list videos, that Matt Par talks about so much. That's where this course helps you. Because if you just make the list of videos and release them without this course, or if you just make like your blog videos, your whatever videos and release them without using information in this course, you will get way less use, you will get way smaller chance to go wider. And you will just have way less efficiency in terms of how, like what effect your views, your videos get. So what this course does is this course gives you a very good system of actually like setting up your videos and your channel for maximum possible way, like maximum possible chance to succeed on YouTube. So what this course extra does, it explains to you step by step, how to make sure that the content you create will go viral. If it can go viral, make sure that this content will reach your audience. If it has an audience and make sure that this content is actually structured and presented in such a way that viewers will find it will be hooked to view it, and will actually like stay your subscribers, subscribe to you, stay your loyal fan base and referee videos and so on and so forth. So is this course worth the money? I think yes, in the long run. Like I went into this course hoping to basically like quickly apply this course and start making money like right, Like in a month or so. Okay, not going to happen. It might happen. But most likely it will not. Like just to basically stay true. I must say here most likely it won't happen. But this course gives you invaluable information. Without this course, you will be so much less effective at YouTube than with like information in this course. And what's best is that Mett Par, he actually does respond to your comments to your questions. And he actually does try to help. When I joined the course, there was like a certain negativity in the community. That Matt Par doesn't really answer questions. And people were saying like, all our questions were not answered, but basically he was just busy updating the course. And now for like several weeks, what I observe is that the questions are getting answered and this really helps like obviously you can find free information on the internet right now on any topic. We don't have to pay for information anymore. It's all available. But the benefit of buying into this program is that you get support, you get questions answered and you will get questions like you will get like certain questions. You will get certain stuff, which is not like obvious to you. You will get certain like roadblocks. You will get stuck at some points and Mett Par does like help and does answer questions. And also there is a community which also is sometimes helpful as well. So what you're really buying here to summarize my thoughts, what you're really buying when you're buying this course is you're buying information, which is not all of it is available online. So some of it you can find for free. Some of it, I only found in this course and I couldn't find it anywhere else. You're buying a system which will leverage grow content. You will still have to provide very yourself. It will still have to figure out how you can be useful. Like what kind of videos can you make to be useful? This course will not give you like some sort of quick hack to effortlessly make like videos from stock footage, which take like five minutes to make a video and then go viral and like earn thousands of dollars. No; this course is going to let you like help you find your niche, you will have to find it yourself anyways, it's your choice. It will help you like be sure that this niche you can get success in, which is very important. So you can be sure that even if your videos aren't getting views at first, they will start getting used later. If you persist and this course will help you set up everything so that your videos will eventually go viral and you will eventually start to get results. If you continue to apply the effort. And you're paying for support, the support is awesome. Like you get your questions answered, whatever you're stuck with, you get quite a useful answer. Often, like the Mett Par like right now, I noticed how he tries to even like, go beyond what you ask. So you don't only get the answer to your question, but also tries like he it's visible how he tries to find a way to give you more. Like basically, this thing is about like to satisfy your customer you have to give him more than the customer expects to get for his money. So he's really trying to give you more than you asked for. Like, so you're asked for something, he answers your question, then he says, but also have this and that idea maybe we'll try it out and so on and so forth. So yeah, is this course worth it? I think yes. I don't know like how much time it will take to recoup the investment into this course like how soon will I earn like these like hundreds of dollars I spent, but like the question is, would you have earned like how much time this course actually like saves you? Like without this course, you're doing this YouTube thing or with this course, what matters is like, does this course save you more time and money than you spent on it? I think my theory is, yes. I cannot prove it because I'm not yet earning money, but I'm sure that I will be earning money way more quickly with this course. Because once again, this course gives you two important things. First is it makes you set your channel up and your videos up so that they are most chance to go viral, to find their view audience. And so this means that your videos will have more impact and second this course actually solves the main problem, which I think is that you're just not certain that it works because at first you will get little views at first you will get no views like 10 views and you'll think like, okay, it doesn't work. That's the problem. It does work, but it requires time. So how do you know, like when you're getting like little views, how do you know that the path you're on is actually the key to success? And what Mett Par does is gives you a system and with the system, you understand that you're on the right track. Like you understand that, Yes, if I persist, if I keep doing this, eventually I will like blow off my channel will get the views much. My videos will start being watched. That's the beauty of it. Because it takes persistent like day to day action to achieve success. You have to keep doing it, keep doing it, keep doing it. And if you don't get the feedback, if you don't get like the effect immediately, like all these use and stuff, you will just like give up, unless you're sure that you have like this surety in front of you, unless you're sure that your actions lead to results and Mett Par's course just gives you that. It shows you that yes. If you chose your niche properly, if you chose your content style properly, your videos will be eventually successful. You just have to keep making those videos, keep posting them and form the system. So, yeah, that's my opinion. Like of course the marketing call this hype. It has to be like, you know, all this awesome, easy, no effort. Everything's going to be great. We'll just start making money. Of course, it's not that easy, but it's the truth. Like it's the truth and it's the best program I think. Like, I don't think there's a better course for what it does. Like if you're focused on making a YouTube channel, if you're focused on wanting to make some kind of content, which will go viral, which will bring you like views and will let you like earn money on YouTube, that's the course, which is worth it. And of course, like if you want, for some, you're going for some quick buck, if you want some like scheme to get rich quick, no way, there is no such scheme. There is just like scam, scam, dress scams. And there are like schemes, which work only temporarily. And you probably won't be given this scheme until it's too late. Like nobody will share it with you until it's already like past the trend. So yeah, it's not about hard work. It's just about being a form of value and giving this value to the world and making the money off of it. This course will help you do that. It will help you find your value. Like what can you provide to the world? And it will help you make it certain that you get the most possible, like outcome, the biggest possible outcome, the biggest possible effect of your skills of your value applied to YouTube. So this has been Aleksey Andronov, this has been my review of Mett Par's course, Tube Mastery and Monetization. I'm happy I actually went through this course. And yeah, that's it; thank you.

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