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We just got a review from Alfredo Torbarti. What does he think of Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization course?

Would Alfredo Torbarti recommend the course to a fellow up and coming Youtube creator?

Alfredo says the course was comprehensive and informative. He also says he was surprised to find how accessible the course is. Alfredo had little prior knowledge of Youtube when he started the course, but he says that by just following Matt’s simple step-by-step instructions, he was able to master the platform quickly. He went on to praise Matt for his clear organization and comprehensive teaching, which covered various niches and methods of monetization, which allowed Alfredo to explore his options and find the setup that works best for him. Overall, Alfredo says the course is a sound investment and he highly recommends it to anyone who is looking to take their Youtube channel to the next level. 


Hey hi everybody. How are you okay my name is Alfredo Torbarti and I am sixty-five. And I am from Italy. So I hope you will forgive me for my very bad Italian accent. Anyway. If I am recording this video. It is for a very good reason. And I am talking to all those persons like me. That are looking for a way to start a business online. Okay, and I've been looking for about seven eight months on the internet. Trying to find a nice way, a good way for me. To start a business online, and make some money, of course. And I was looking at affiliated marketing, eCommerce, and things like that. And I found that a little bit complicated for me because I am a total newbie. So eventually one day I was surfing on the internet and I was on YouTube and I found a channel of a very very nice gentleman that is named Matt Par. And he has a YouTube channel that is named Make money Matt. So I've been watching those videos and I found them very very very interesting. And I still, I've been watching those videos for a few days and then all the things that Matt Par says in his videos and well, he helps people to start YouTube channels and make money on internet with YouTube, okay. So after seeing his videos, and seeing the the real tenant that this guy has because he is very intelligent. He is only nineteen years old man. And but I don't want to say he is a genius but almost. Okay I would say that he is quite a genius. He has something like nine YouTube channels with one million subscribers. Five hundred thousand subscribers. He has a lot of subscribers. And he's making of course money with that. So he was selling a course. A course and to make money. And I decided to buy the course okay. And well that was a very very very very good decision. Let me see if I can show you something. Maybe okay let let me see here I'm not an expert. So let me see if I can move this thing a little bit. No it's impossible, I don't know why. But anyway, make it smaller. Okay this is the course. Oh I move, okay. I'm here. So this is the course. And well of course I am not going to show you the course inside. You have to buy it. But this is all the course. And as you can see it's very very very very complete course. And a very, a lot of policies. And a lot of a add value. And it's a very very very very good course. And it gave me a lot of ideas on how to open and create a YouTube channel, how to monetize the channel. Different ways to monetize the channel. How to make a YouTube channel on autopilot. Where you do not even to show your face. So well it's very very very good. It's a very good course. Okay, I'm back again. So It's a very very very good course. Very professional I have to say. And I'm learning a lot. Really a lot of things. And I have already a lot of ideas. I'm going to open soon my first YouTube channel. And how can I say in English? My English is not very good, but I recommend if you are looking for a way to make money online, and you like YouTube. And you think that YouTube can be a good solution for you, as it is for me. I really recommend the course of Matt Par. YouTube master and monetization. Well I'm sorry for my pronunciation its not very good. But anyway it's a very very very good course. So thanks to Matt Par, and to all the things that he is teaching to me. And I hope you gunna have a look to this course. Go have a look to the channel Make Money Matt. Decide, and if you really want to make some money on YouTube this is a very very very good way. Okay, so this is my really honest review. I am not getting any money or anything like that, I am doing because I want to do it. Because I've been looking for business online for I told you for something like seven eight months now. I didn't find nothing really that fit my expectation. And I found Matt Par course. I bought it and I really happy. I'm really very happy with the course, and I think that it's worth every cent that I spent. So, bye bye from Italy. And I hope the best business for you on the internet with YouTube and the Matt Parr course. Bye bye, Ciao.

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