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Amaan Andani

Amaan Andani just complete our course. What does he think?

Would Amaan Andani recommend Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization course?

Amaan says the course was accessible and informative. Amaan had little prior knowledge of Youtube, but he says that thanks to Matt’s detailed explanations and step by step instructions, everything was clear and he caught on quickly. Amaan says the course has given him the confidence he needs to start his own Youtube channel, and he highly recommends the course to his fellow beginner content creators.


Hey guys, I just finished Matt course in Tube Mastery and Monetization. It was an amazing course. I purchased his course last week and wanted to know more about YouTube and how to grow a channel. And the good thing about this is he explains everything step by step. So it's very easy for everyone to understand. So I decided after finishing this course, I want to start my own YouTube channel with zero subscribers and zero watch time. And I really found a ton of details in this course. It's really good investment. I highly recommend anyone who wants to start a YouTube channel to take this course. Thanks, Matt.

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