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(Brian) John Sabbir

We just got a brand new review from Brian. What did he think of Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization course?

Would Brian recommend the course to a fellow up and coming content creator?

Brian says the course was accessible, universal, and informative. Brain started the course as a Youtube novice, but he says that Matt’s detailed explanations and step-by-step instruction made everything clear and easy to grasp. He went on to praise the course for its comprehensive modules and its open nature, which allowed him to complete the lessons at his own pace. Brain says the course is worth at least twice what it costs, and he highly recommends it to all up and coming Youtube creators.


Hey there, my name's Brian, and I just wanted to give a shoutout to Matt Par and the amazing course that he's actually put together. I really didn't know anything about YouTube and the power that it actually has and what you can do with it as far as making money. So I just wanted to give Matt, jeez, just a real shoutout of what he put together. Again, I went through the whole course, did it, took me about, I don't know, couple weeks to get through it just 'cause I had, you know, I have other stuff going on so I only had a little bit each time each day, but anyways, as you can see here, this is what the modules look like. He talks about choosing a niche, he talks about how to set up the channel for success, making and uploading the videos, the growth module. He talks about monetization, which was awesome. God, that was awesome. I can't believe all the different ways you could use YouTube to do things with. And scaling, of course. Look, there's a lot of crap out there on the internet, and most of it is crap. This is the real deal, I'm telling you. You definitely wanna get this course. He probably should have charged, I don't know, maybe two or three times what he does charge. So you will not be disappointed. Super excited, Matt. Thanks a lot. I look forward to following everything you said to do and having my own success, so talk soon.

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