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Christopher Young

Christopher sent us a testimonial for Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization course.  

Did Christopher Get Value from Matt’s Course?

Christopher says Matt did a phenomenal job with the course. He said the course was more extensive than he had expected, and in a good way. He said Matt spends a lot of time covering every base possible. 

Does Christopher Recommend Tube Mastery and Monetization?

Christopher highly recommends the course for everyone, even if you are a beginner or advanced. Christopher said the course has a lot of information that is very beneficial. He said if you have extra money, this course can lead to good profits. Christopher said nothing is guaranteed, but all the tools are in the course that Matt has laid out. As someone who has had a lot of success in online business, Christopher said there are a lot of failures in the beginning, and you have got to keep pushing. 


Hey this is Chris. I just wanted to do a review for Matt's YouTube Mastery Monetization Course. Matt, I think you did a phenomenal job. It was definitely more extensive than I had expected, and in a good way. You spent a lot of time covering every base possible. For anybody starting, thinking about getting Matt's course, highly recommend it. Whether you're a beginner or advanced, definitely a lot of information that can be very beneficial. I'd like to gear it a little bit now towards beginners. If you're gonna start this, definitely expect it to take a little bit of time. I wouldn't be expecting to make, like $10000 a month by next month. So if you have some extra money to spend, definitely this can lead you to good profits. But it could take some time before you get there. And of course, nothing's guaranteed. But all the tools are there, Matt has laid it all out for you. As someone who has had a lot of success in online business, usually there is a lot of failure in the beginning and you've got to keep pushing and pushing. So you just can't give up. You got to give your, you know whatever niche you try or anything like that you gotta give it tests, you gotta give it trials. And if it doesn't succeed, you just don't quit. You keep going. It's very rare to get things to work on the first try. I personally have experienced that but if you talk to most people who have had a lot of online success, usually goes through a process. And that process requires you to just keep trying. And one thing I do want to mention is that there are a few things in Matt's course that benefit from having a couple of monthly payments. Not to Matt directly but for two separate services. Very inexpensive, I would say, under $30 a month. And again, that's not to Matt. That's for other services that would be very beneficial for your YouTube system, good luck.

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