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Darrell Hammond

Darell Hammond just left a review on Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization course. What does he think? 

Would Darrell Hammond recommend the course to other up-and-coming Youtube creators?

Darrell says that the course was very informative. He said that Matt went far deeper than an average Youtube tutorial, and the tips he received have given him an advantage over other beginners. Overall, he says the course was valuable and he would recommend it to other creators who are getting their Youtube channel off the ground.

Hey there, my name's Darrell Hammond. You can check out my website at darrellhammond.com. This is a little review for Matt Par's “Tube Mastery and Monetization” course. So this is a testimonial review in order to get access to some bonus modules. And once I get ahold of those, I'm gonna do a more in-depth review and you can see that on my website at darrellhammond.com. So going through this course I've found the information very informative. Can you say that about information? Hey, well, what information isn't informative? But I would say that it is very good information. He reveals a lots of stuff that normally you wouldn't find just gleaning regular videos on YouTube. Stuff about metadata and some other great details that'll help give you the edge when you put your own channels together and post your own videos on YouTube. I think it'd probably be a shame if you didn't pick this product up. It is a great product. So like I said, I will be doing a more in-depth review and you can see that on my website at darrellhammond.com. Will get it posted as soon as I get the information from the course creators. So you'll get to see anything that is available and everything that you will be getting from the inside when you purchase Matt Par's “Tube Mastery and Monetization” course. So I should be posting that review soon. Go ahead and go to darrellhammond.com and look for it. It'll be up there on the front page probably within a week or so. And today is June 23rd of 2020, so I would expect that I would have that up and on my website within two weeks, so the first part of July of 2020. Anyways, my name's Darrell Hammond. Go to my website, darrellhammond.com and take a look at that review, and I know you're gonna wanna get this product.

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