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David Smith just left a review on Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization course. What does he have to say?

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David says the course is informative and comprehensive. He praised Matt for covering every step of the Youtube process, from starting up your channel to SEO. He also praised Matt for his clear, step-by-step walkthroughs of each part of the process, which David says left little chance for confusion or errors. He went on to praise the diversity of the course, gives creators freedom in their monetization model, and the open nature of the course, which let him work through the lessons at his own pace. Overall, David says that Matt’s course is the most direct and informative Youtube mastery course that he has ever taken, and he highly recommends the course to anyone who wants to transform their Youtube platform into a sustainable stream of revenue.


Hey did you know that you could make YouTube videos without putting your face online? Or even making any videos for that matter? I've always wanted to learn to make videos and I finally found a course that teaches you all the details on how those people are doing it online and how they're successful and how they're getting all their views. I started a course a few days ago, I went through it pretty quickly. But this course is kinda like a book that you read that you really like. And you know if you read it once then three weeks later you pick it up and read the whole thing all over again. I judge these courses that I'm taking online if I go back to that course, and go back through the material then it's really a good course and it's really helpful. So what I'd like to do is do a review today of a course that I've taken over the last few days it's called “Tube Mastery and Monetization” by Matt Par. Now I'm not a young person. I'm relatively up in age, closer to retirement. But these young people today are so smart they know these internet things and the best place to learn how to use the internet and to use YouTube is to go after the young talent that really knows what they're doing. I like Matt Par's course because it shows all the details from start to finish, how to do it. I learned some new tricks on how to do word monetization and that he uses for YouTube and I never would've thought that. I've done a lot of keyword research and I never really thought about being more specific to YouTube. And he shares a way in his course the he does his keyword research that tells you how many searches there are on YouTube how many videos are under those keywords. And it's just an awesome technique that he shows. So if you look on the screen here you'll see that the inside of Matt's course, his first section is “Choosing a Niche” goes through all the details on how he picks a niche. He gives you a whole list of a hundred powerful niches that he's identified in the years that he's been on doing his YouTube channels and stuff. And so it's no, you don't have any limitations on what you can do. You pick a niche within this, he gives you instructions on which ones pay more if you're going after the YouTube Monetization where YouTube pays you to show ads on your videos. He tells you which ones are the most valuable and which ones pay out the most. The second part of his course, he shows you in detail how to set up your channel. A lot of courses I've taken say you put in YouTube and you fill in all the blanks but they only tell you what's important and what's not important. But there's some strategies that he teaches in this course that will tell you every blank, what's important, when to do it, how many tags to do it, how to use meta-tag data in a way that's gonna help you move up in the rankings in the Google algorithms. He tells you about how to upload 'em, when to upload 'em, what's the best time. He coaches you in here how to gauge what time of day is best for your audience to put up your videos so they'll get the most views and the most value for your visitors so they'll be ready to see your content when you put it up. He shares techniques on how to, how you can gain content, to put on your videos, this is, I heard something about this before on other courses but he explains it very detailed on how to find the content, how to treat the content, where to get people to write content for you. At the end of the day he teaches you how you can if you have the money to invest you can have videos done, the content written for you, the videos editing for you, and even voice overs if you don't wanna do your own voice on your videos. It's a really awesome course. I enjoyed it. I kinda went through it very quickly but I'm going back through it again 'cause some real good pieces. Real good information in this course that you just you won't believe how easy it is with his techniques and the confidence he'll be able to give you, get your course going. I'm an affiliate marketer so I wanna do more about building YouTube channels to promote affiliate products and provide content for my audience that will help them with whatever that product or service or whatever information they're looking for, I think there's products out there to help 'em that they can't find. As an affiliate marketer I wanna provide those products and then show them how to use it. And how it can help them. He goes into some details on affiliate marketing as well. Which is right up my alley. He's very helpful on where to get products, words to , and how you can use your content that you're providing to help people and also make some money on the side as a side hustle if you will. So in the end, I just wanted to as an overview, I wanted to say thanks to Matt Par for a great job on the course. I go back into it I'm using all these sheets and details that he has given me to build my YouTube channels and I just want to say thanks and if you want to look for a good YouTube channel, and a course that would really get you squared away this is the best one you can go for right now. I'm sittin' right here, at this time I showed the time clock earlier just so you know what time and date it is, if you're here now you know that we're under a lot of quarantines and stay at home orders and it's the best time to use your time to go after some of your dreams or perhaps you need extra income 'cause you're out of a job, this course can help you a lot. So I just wanted to do this great review for Matt Par. Talk to you guys later.

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