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Eleonora Martin Parracino

Eleonora Martin Parracino just completed our course. Let’s see what she has to say.

What did Eleonora Martin Parrracion think of Matt Par’s Youtube Monetization and Mastery Course?

Eleonora says that Matt’s advice helped her in nearly every aspect of running her channel. She says she learned invaluable tips about SEO strategies, editing, monetizing content, and much more. She has already begun to implement Matt’s advice into her own channel, and she says that she recommends the course to her fellow up-and-coming content creators.


Hi everyone, I purchased Matt course about how you start a YouTube channel and I found a lot of useful information in the course, about SEO strategies, also how to implement the channel, to set up the channel, video editing program, reviews and suggestion advises and also how to make thumbnails and many kind of things that I didn't know before programs and ways where you can set up a personal brand channel or a niche channel. He also gives some advice about different niches and how can you set the business in a way where you pay someone for the content, so this is what's also very useful, and all the information that I found in the course was very useful and I'm starting to implementing those information in my journey to set up a YouTube channel, so I'm sure you will find useful information too. Thanks.

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