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Essa Mousa

Essa Mousa just completed our course. What did he think?

Would Essa Mousa recommend Matt Par’s Mastery and Monetization course?

Essa says that the course was highly informative. He came in as a total beginner, but he says that Matt’s lessons were always clear and he never felt lost. Essa plans on incorporating Matt’s advice into his own Youtube channel, and he recommends the course to his fellow up and coming content creators.


Hey everybody, my name is Essa. First of all, I'm so happy to have the course. I recently finished it. It's an amazing one. I have learned a lot as a beginner. I'm so excited to take action on Matt's steps because, when it comes to details, the course is full of information that I see the perfect way of going viral on YouTube. Thanks a lot, Matt. Thank you.

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