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Florence Habermann Testimonial for Matt Par

Florence Habermann just left us a review. What does she think of Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization course?

Would Florence Habermann recommend the course to a fellow Youtube creator?

Florence says that the course was comprehensive and informative. She praised Matt for his passionate presentations, detailed explanations, and clear step by step instructions. She also praised Matt’s private Facebook group, where she was able to connect with Matt and other like-minded content creators to collaborate and answer all of her additional questions. Florence says that the course has given her the confidence she needs to start her own channel, and she recommends the course to anyone else who is looking to get their Youtube channel off of the ground.


Hey, I'm Florence, and I just did Matt Par's course called Tube Mastery and Monetization, and I am now, thanks to Matt's help, starting to create my own channel on YouTube. What I can tell you about the course is that Matt seems to have put all his heart into it, especially with the access to the Facebook group that comes with the course. You have the possibility to ask Matt regarding the course whatever you like and he will answer you as best as he can. Matt goes into detail and revealed us his secret keyword strategy. He also demonstrates his experience and proves his statements based on real-life examples on YouTube. I hope I will see results on my channel soon as well. Thanks so much, Matt.

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