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Flyman Sello

We just got a review from Flyman Sello. What does he think of our course?

Would Flyman Sello recommend Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization course?

Flyman said that Matt’s course was accessible and informative. He says the course has no filler, and praised Matt for always being direct and clear. Flyman says that the course is better than any other online Youtube tutorial he has taken before, and he highly recommends the course to his fellow up and coming Youtube creators.


Yo, what's up, everyone? My name is Flyman Sello and I'm from South Africa and I joined Matt's class, Matt's course Tube Mastery and Monetization and I've never looked back. And in fact, I started off from a similar course, which is given up by somebody else and I just had to jump for this one that happened. And then yeah, but then, what I can give you about Matt's courses that it really does take you from the first step to you know, the last step by detail and it gives you everything, I'd say everything that you possibly need to do technically, you know, like, everything you need technically. And what I found previously in other courses is that it was more a lot more philosophycal and okay besides that, but then Matt's classes, if you have technical then surely what else do you need? I mean, because he takes it step by step and he takes it down deep with technical and I think that gives it. That's what I wanted and that's just what I wanted purely. And so I got what I wanted.

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