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Jared Rollins

We just got a new review from Jared Rollins. Let’s see what he has to say.

What did Jared Rollins think of Matt Par’s Tube Monetization and Mastery course?

Jared says that, after spending 10 grand on various course, Matt Par is the best Youtube guru he has ever found. He says that Matt is clear and detail oriented, and he praised him for never trying to inflate the course or fill time with useless fluff. He also praised the course for its flexibility and for letting him learn at his own pace. Overall, he says that the course is valuable and he would recommend the course to his fellow up and coming Youtube creators.


YouTube Mastery. Legit. Great program. I've spent upwards of around 10 grand, programs, maybe a little more. And this one is probably one of the best ones I've bought yet. I haven't started the Mastery program yet or implementing any of the techniques, but the way Matt explains things, and I think most importantly, it's not like information overload. It's just the right amount, and you can get through it if you really want to and you really want to learn. You can absorb the material at a timely rate. There's some courses I've been through, man, and they just, they're trying to give value, but it's like, too much. It takes, you know, it's like a semester in college. This is good. This is solid. So I'm looking forward to it, and Matt's definitely got, he's definitely got the credentials. So thanks, Matt.

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