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Jay Roberts

Jay Roberts sent us a testimonial for Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization course.  

 Did Jay Get Value from Matt’s Course?                                                                     Jay says he has been through many other courses, and really likes Matt’s course since it provides lots of details in each lesson. Jay’s favorite part of the course is when Matt talks about the vidIQ and gives lots of details that Jay was unaware of.

Does Jay Recommend Tube Mastery and Monetization?

Jay highly recommends Matt’s course and says it is the best one out there. He says people should look at Matt’s videos on his YouTube channel and they will see how much detail and value is offered with Matt’s course.


Hi everyone, just gone, leaving a message. I've just gone through Matt Par's YouTube course, and although I've been through many other courses, I really liked this one guys, especially how much detail he goes into each lesson. And my favorite part of the course I would say is the part where he talks about the vidIQ and he goes into a lot of detail showing you how to cite your tags out and although I knew a little bit about vidIQ, he went of, he did like a deep dive into it and he taught me lots of things I didn't know so, I highly recommend this course guys. Like I said, there's plenty of YouTube courses out there, some are really good but this is gonna be the best one out there, and I'm not just saying this 'cause I'm making this video, it really is guys. Just, guys just look at these videos on his YouTube channel, yeah? And you see how much detail and how much value he offers or just think what he's gotten us to do in his course, yeah? That's all I'm saying. Thanks very much for watching, bye.

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