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Jimmie Dean

Jimmie Dean just completed our course. What did he think of it?

Would Jimmie Dean recommend Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization course?

Jimmie says that the course is packed with information. Jimmie doesn’t have a lot of experience with modern technology, but he says that Matt’s clear, step-by-step instructions made everything easy to follow and comprehend. He also praised the course’s open nature, which let him work at his own pace. Jimmie says that he is still working on incorporating the tips Matt gave him, and he highly recommends the course to other beginning Youtube creators.


Hi guys, my name's Jimmy Dean. I just finished Matt Par's course. Actually I finished for the second time. It's jam packed with information. You can see I'm 69 years old, so I'm really, really slow on technology. So I have to keep checking, going back and forth. But just a boatload of information, highly recommended for someone. And now I need to get back to it. Thanks.

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