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John Alvarez

John Alvarez just finished our course. What did he think?

Would John Alvarez recommend Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization course?

John says that the course is concise and comprehensive. He was impressed by Matt’s clear step-by-step instructions, which he says make the course very accessible and easy to follow. He also praised the open nature of the course, which allowed him to work through the material at his own pace and review information as needed. John says that the course has given him the confidence to start his own channel, and he highly recommends the course to anyone else who is looking to get their Youtube channel off the ground.


Hi guys, my name's John, I just completed Matt Par's Tube Mastery and Monetization. I would really definitely recommend this course to anybody out there looking to start their YouTube channel. He's very thorough and concise throughout every single module of the course. Very well explained. I really, really enjoyed it. I thought it was gonna be much longer. I actually finished the course in about two and a half days, but I was going at it nonstop. I really wanted to absorb all the information. And the good thing about it is that I still, as I'm building my channels, I could go back and refer to serve some of the sections, so that I make sure that I don't make any mistakes. And I'm very excited. Let's see how it goes. This particular week, I'm gonna get started with gathering all my assets to start building my channel and a wish me luck. Thank you very much, Matt. Really, really well done course, I congratulate you for that and much success to all your projects to come. Thank you.

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