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Juan Cruz

Juan sent us a testimonial for Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization course.  

Did Juan Get Value from Matt’s Course?

Juan says he learned a lot when it comes to YouTube. The course taught him how to use tools and how to find content. He said the course shows you how to program your own schedule for your videos. 

Does Juan Recommend Tube Mastery and Monetization?

Juan says he really recommends the course. He says to try it out for yourself to see how good the program is, and hopes to see you on the Facebook group.


Hello guys, my name is Juan Cruz. And I'm from New York. And today I'm gonna give you my testimonial about Matt Program. What I learned from it, a lot of stuff I really learned I didn't know when it comes to YouTube. How to use a lot of tools. How to find content. How to lease of a lot of content that you can create later. How to basically program your own schedule your videos. Where to find people that can make videos for you. And basically a lot of stuff, I can go on for a long time but I'm just gonna make this quick. And I really, really recommend So guys, I really recommend it to you. Just tried it out and see it for yourself how good this program is. And, yeah guys, that's everything. I hope you'll like the program and I'll see you on the Facebook group.

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