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Judith Palaleo

We just received a new review from Judith Palaleo. Let’s see what she has to say about our course.

What did Judith think of Matt Par’s Youtube Mastery and Monetization course?

Judith says she learned a lot from Matt’s course. As a new creator, she was completely unfamiliar with SEO and how to make content go viral. She says that Matt’s course taught her all of the tips and tricks that she needed to get her channel off the ground and she highly recommends it to her fellow up-and-coming Youtube creators.


Hi, everyone, this is Judith. I just finished the course, the programs, tube mastery and monetization. I'm so happy that I enrolled in these courses. So yeah, I'm so excited to go out there and implement what I've learned. Especially, I'm so new in YouTube and I don't even know how to make videos go viral. I'm wondering why are these people making videos going viral, and how do they make it? So I was just, you know, I thought I just can upload a video and then it was just go viral. So yeah, there are ways like proper keywords, consistency of the right keywords that you need to put on your, like descriptions thumbnails and many many more. And yeah, I learned a lot from this course. And thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge. Matt, you're the best. See you at the top.

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