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Julian Backhouse

Julian Backhouse just completed our course. What does he think of it?

Would Julian Backhouse recommend Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization course?

Julian says that this course should be mandatory viewing for all Youtubers. He says that Matt’s lessons were comprehensive and gave him a much greater understanding of the inner workings of Youtube than any other course. He also praised Matt for his clear, step by step instructions, which he said made the lessons highly accessible, even to Youtube novices. Julian says that the course is a sound investment, and he highly recommends it to anyone who wants to turn their Youtube channel into a sustainable source of revenue.


This is the much better substance to look at than my mug. Anyway, this is about Matt Par's YouTube course.

– Hi there. My name is Julian. And I'm here to tell you that this course tube mastery and monetizations should be mandatory for all YouTubers. With Matt Par's detailed explanation of the intricacies of YouTube within this course will shed a whole new perspective and insight into the workings of YouTube. The tube mastery monetization course, is a systematic compilation of a well organized and chronologically presented facts about the inner secrets and tricks of YouTube. I was blown away. Not only by the position of which the details of this course were presented, but the fact that the presenter Matt at such a young age had emmassed so much knowledge about YouTube. This fact alone is absolutely astounding. To put it in perspective, It took Matt less than one third of the time to achieve his knowledge that my existence on this planet. And by no means do I consider myself ancient. Plus he was able to explain in such a fashion that even an old codger like me could understand. And believe me, that's quite a fit in its own. Thanks to you Mr. Par, I can't wait to embark my new YouTubeing career and for that, Matt, I thank you.


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