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Justin Tillman just completed our course. What does he think?

Would Justin Tillman recommend Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization course?

Justin says he has been through a number of Youtube courses over the past few years, but none measure up to Matt’s course. While other “teachers” try to lure in customers with expensive objects and flashy gimmicks, Justin was surprised to find that Matt is honest and gets straight to the point. He says that the course was simple enough for a beginner to understand, yet in-depth enough that even a pro could walk away with new tips. Above all, he praised the foolproof nature of Matt’s advice, saying that any creator in any niche who follows his advice is guaranteed to achieve monetization. Justin has already implemented Matt’s advice into his own channel, and he continues to implement more tips everyday from Matt’s private Facebook community. Overall, he says that the course is a sound investment and highly recommends it to anyone looking to get their Youtube channel off the ground.


Hey, how's it going? My name is Justin, and I've been an internet marketer for quite some time now. So let me just tell you this. I could have easily spent over 50 to a hundred thousand dollars in between there and no way of knowing good and account for it, but easily between that during my time online. So I've been in a number of different courses, I spent a number of different gurus, I know when you're trying to flash me with your Lambos and your cars, I don't get fooled by this Shiny Object syndrome. I'm very diligent about who I decide to invest my money on because more important than money it's your time, because you don't get your time back. And one of the things that really attracted me to Matt was he wasn't that kind of a flashy guy. He's a young kid who just said, “Hey, I know what I'm doing, here are my results, follow them.” And I investigated a little bit further and the truth is he's not a kid, he's a businessman. This guy knows exactly what he's doing and he the most important thing about Matt that differs from all the other courses that I've spent between 50 to a hundred thousand dollars on is he has a proven process that works, right? If you apply his process, it works. And he does it at any level of understanding you can comprehend. So if you're a newbie just getting started online and never made a dollar online, you can follow his easy steps and process. If you are an experienced marketer, but may not have had the success that you want. And you're looking to really blow it up for 2020 or beyond, this is the course to really sit down, figure out, implement, and then double down on what you're learning so you can increase your results to make this your best year ever. And if you're a seasoned marketer who has success, but you're looking to increase your income streams, this guy is for you. He has any level of success that you're looking to achieve in the YouTube stratosphere, you can definitely find it here and you can grow. Most importantly, there is a active community of successful YouTubers already that you can lean on and tap into if you have additional questions so you never have any questions unanswered. So if you are looking to get started with a program that works, I highly recommend Matt. And just to give you a quick understanding of my own results with the program. When I first started the program, I was getting between 25 to 50 views every 48 hours. Super frustrating, I mean I know marketing and I just couldn't figure out the algorithm. I couldn't tap into getting more love from YouTube, but after implementing his strategies within a two month period of time, because it doesn't happen overnight. So if you're looking for overnight thing, this isn't it. But if you're looking to do something that with consistency, then this will yield you the results, because within a two month period of time, I went from a 25 to 50 views in a 48-hour period to now a thousand views in a 48-hour time period. And then this month and this new month, I've now 11 X'ed my results and I'm getting 11,000 views in a 48 time period. And coincidentally speaking today is my last day before I qualify for YouTube's Partnership Program, which means you get a thousand hours, I'm sorry, it's a thousand subscribers and 4,000 hours. And I'm literally 30 hours away from hitting that mark. And I will smash that mark by the end of this day because of my 11,000 views in the 48-hour period. So that will allow me to qualify for the program and I'll feel confident that I'll get it approved because all of my content is 100% above bar above board and will meet YouTube's criteria. So I'm very confident to know that once I move forward and based on the social blade, if you know what I'm talking about, social blade, if you don't you'll know in the course, I should be getting off to a great start by making anywhere between 50 to $100 in a day based on this program and the result and the trajectory of where I'll be after the momentum of this month. So super excited about just the results and more importantly I'm doubling down and I already have three other channels in the works that are now even moving faster, based off of what I've learned from him today. So if you are ambitious and you really get it, you can take this and make this a substantial income stream. Well, that's it. I highly recommend you move forward. Don't delay this is not a mistake. This is not one of these things where you're gonna be looking to something else, you know three months from now. I can highly recommend that you get started today because the only problem that you're gonna have with this course is you didn't start six months ago when you coulda started and gotten your income up to that next level of proof for the partnership and taking off. That's it, take care, peace.

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