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Kai-Yu Chiang

Kai-Yu Chiang just finished our course. What did he think?

Would Kai-Yu Chiang recommend Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization course?

Kai-Yu says that the course was comprehensive. He says that Matt covered everything he needed to know with clear, detailed, step-by-step instructions, which made the course easy to follow and comprehend. He also praised Matt for going out of his way to make sure that the advice given will not just apply to one niche, but to any and every Youtube channel. Finally, he praised Matt’s private Facebook community, where he can go to receive more tips from like-minded content creators. Overall, Kai-Yu says that course was invaluable and he highly recommends it to anyone else looking to get their Youtube channel off the ground.


Hey everyone, my name is Kyle and this is a course review for Matt's course Tube Mastery and Monetization. I apologize in advance if it looks like I'm reading from a script because it's really hard for me to just say it from my memory. I've just joined a week ago, and I went over a Matt's entire course. I'm quite blown away by the amount of information that's been given. Matt's given you everything you need to succeed in the course. From how to do market research from your niche, to how to make your video go viral, to different types of ways to monetize your YouTube channel. Matt also breaks down in detail how to run a faceless list channel like the top 10. He also do case studies on some of the popular channel in each niche. This is the most step by step YouTube monetization course I have ever seen on the internet. And there's also a community in the form of Facebook group. You can ask any questions you have for your YouTube channel. So I highly, highly recommend Matt's course. If you're thinking of joining, see you there

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