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Kavindra Bandara

Kavindra sent us a testimonial for Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization course.  

Did Kavindra Get Value from Matt’s Course?

Kavindra runs three YouTube channels and says he has never been able to grow his channels because he did not monetize them since he was not aware how to do so. 

Does Kavindra Recommend Tube Mastery and Monetization?

Kavindra said Matt’s course is really good, and he learned lots of facts about YouTube. He benefited from the keyword research and how to grow up your channel. He says this course is a fresh start to his grow-up journey.

Hey guys, my name is Kavindra Ishmanta and I'm from Sri Lanka. I bought Matt course about yesterday, now, and I think about reviewing my opinion. I think it's kind of– the good, actually, it's good, really good lesson, lot of facts about– we didn't know about YouTube's and , and– yeah, before I bought the course, I just know about something fact about YouTube, but the thing is, I never been able to grow up my channel, because I run three YouTube channels now, before the– before I bought the course, but still, even– any of channel, I didn't monetizing it, because I don't know, I been trying so many years, now about– I think maybe, more than years, even, I can remember. Yeah, I think about, Matt course is really good. I learn about lot of facts about Matt course, and, yeah, even the keyword research, and how he trying to grown up our channels, you know, stuff like that. Yeah, I think– yeah because, before I was– last month, before I met Matt, I've been struggling so many times, “how the heck am I gonna grow up my own channel,” because always I didn't even get any views, any subscribers. Yeah, I think that this is– this course is a fresh start to my grown-up journey, so, yeah, I hope you guys enjoy this video, thank you.

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