(Laurine) Jing Jing Wong - Matt Par

(Laurine) Jing Jing Wong

Laurine just completed Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization course. What did she think?

Would Laurine recommend the course to a fellow up and coming Youtube content creator?

Laurine says the course was very in-depth. She praised Matt for giving detailed explanations and breaking each lesson down to individual steps. She also says the course was easy to follow and very-open ended, which allowed her to work through the material at her own pace. Laurine says that she is currently implementing Matt’s advice into her own channel, and she recommends the course to anyone who is looking to transform their Youtube platform into a sustainable source of revenue.


Hi, I'm Laurine I completed my course in four days. I must say there is many details inside of modules because I really knew that the YouTube it will really offer the modules in order to understand what Mark is trying to express. I will say that as I started the project and I would like to see the outcome when I uploaded the three videos. So I hope the bonus modules will be sent to me to check whether what I'm doing is still on track. Thank you very much for Mark and the team for helping us thanks.

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