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Mike van der Voort

Mike van der Voort just completed our course. What does he think?

Would Mike van der Voort recommend Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization course? 

Mike says that the course is comprehensive, informative, and valuable. He praised Matt for his clear, detailed instructions, which walked Mike through every step of the Youtube process. He went on to praise the course for its universal appeal, stating that Matt goes out of his way to offer tips for creators of all niches. Mike says that he has already begun to integrate Matt’s advice into his own channel, and he highly recommends the course to all of his fellow Youtube content creators.


Hey, what's up, guys? My name is Mike and this is my honest review of Matt's YouTube course. So I just finished watching Matt's YouTube course and I have to admit, I was really impressed. I got a ton of value from it. I've already uploaded three videos, so that's cool, and I also learned some ways on how I could monetize an old channel that I used to have, so I really liked that as well, but yeah, I got a ton of value from it. Matt does a really good job of breaking down the SEO part, the video editing, and also, the analytics. Those were the parts that I liked the most, so I would definitely recommend this course. Me, personally, I had been looking a long time for a course like this, where I could learn how to make videos without showing my face, and Matt does a great job on showing you niches that you could get into and ways that you can, or places where you can find the content to make your videos, and also how to streamline the process where you can outsource most of the work, so that's really cool as well. So if you're thinking about getting the course, I would definitely recommend it, and thanks for watching. All right, bye bye.

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