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Mishele Gavriele

Mishele sent us a testimonial for Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization course.  

Did Mishele Get Value from Matt’s Course?

Mishele says she has always had trouble following online courses, but what she loved about Matt’s course is it was so easy to follow. The modules are between 7 to 15 minutes long, which makes it easy to follow. Mishele said the course is priceless and is worth the money. 

Does Mishele Recommend Tube Mastery and Monetization?

Mishele says she definitely recommends Matt’s course. It is extremely easy to follow with step-by-step instructions. She said she now has so much perspective and knows exactly where to start. She said even if this course costs $5,000 in the future, she would still recommend it with all the information it provides. She thanked Matt for the course and the large community Facebook group where you can find answers to your questions.


Hey, guys, Mishele is here. So I just wanted to made a review for a course I just finished by Matt Par. It's called Tube Mastery. I honestly have to tell you that I always had troubles with online courses because there's no obligation, so to sit yourself down and really learn, it's really hard. Some people, I can't even listen to them after a while. What I loved about Matt's course, that first of fall, he build it up as modules and each video runs between seven to 15 minutes long, which is super easy to follow. I would just, finish one module after another and just jump from one to another and it's, the amount of information that I got out of this course, it's priceless, seriously, I paid back then, it was like, in the quarantine time, maybe $600 for this course, and I, to tell you the truth, it's worth way more money. I mean, Matt built everything just step by step. It's super easy to follow, even for someone like me, that had no idea about YouTube, had no idea about how to even start, which kind of channels there is out there, what kind of channels make the most money out of YouTube. It just have me so much perspective and now I know exactly where to start, so I totally recommend this course even if it's gonna cost you $5,000 in the future, it's gonna give you so much information that you would need and I would just wanna thank you, Matt, for everything you've done. Thank you for the Facebook group, there is a bunch of people that there, is just helping you with any question you have. So this is another thing that I love about this course, there is a big community, a lot of people helping you guys out there. So go check this out, go check his YouTube channel, it has a bunch of information and definitely recommend you to do this course. Thank you, Matt.

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