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Nilesh Baraskar

We just got a brand new review from Nilesh Baraskar. What did he think of Matt Par’s Youtube Monetization and Mastery course?

Would Nilesh Baraskar recommend the course to his fellow up-and-coming creators?

Nilesh was impressed by how much effort was put into the course. He says that, in addition to providing all the information he needed, the course was accessible and presented clearly. He is excited to be a member of Matt’s community, and highly recommends the course to his fellow Youtube creators.


Hi everyone, I'm Meleshia from India. And I've completed the Tube Mastery and Monetization course by Matt. Matt has put genuine efforts. All his experience in making this course beautiful and he has explained everything in detail. How to go about, how to start, how to edit, what research we're to do. Everything, everything, everything he has explained nicely in this course material. And I'm actually a newcomer to this family and I'm looking forward to grow with him. And let's see how it goes about. And I'll follow all his instruction, all his course material given by him. And let's see how the journey goes. I recommend this course for all of you and you'll definitely get many inputs to go and opportunities so I wish everybody all the best.

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