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Philip Mancini

We just got a brand new review from Phillip Mancini. What does he think of Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization course?

Would Phillip Mancini recommend the course to a fellow Youtube creator?

Phillip says the course was highly accessible and informative. He praised Matt for his detailed explanations and his step by step instructions. He also praised the open nature of the course, which allowed him to work through the material at his own pace. Phillip says the course has given him everything he needs to get his channel of the ground and he highly recommends the course to anyone looking to take their own Youtube channel to the next level.


Yeah, hi Matt, just for all everybody that's watching this video. I bought Matt's course last week and I've gone through it and it's really good. I've bought a few courses on the internet and this one is really, really good. He packs everything into it, he gives you bonuses and there's more than I can imagine in there. Anyway, if you're on the line or you're thinking about getting the course, get the course because he's got everything in there that you need and y'all should be a success. I'm working on mine now, so good luck.

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