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Salvador Recio

Salvador Recio just left a review on Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization course. What does he think?

Would Salvador Recio recommend the course to a fellow up and coming Youtube creator?

Sal was impressed by the accessibility of the course. Sal started the course as a Youtube novice, but he says that thanks to Matt’s clear organization and step-by-step instructions, he was able to pick it up quickly. Sal says that he is excited to apply Matt’s advice towards his own channel, and he recommends the course to his fellow content creators.


Hi, everybody, this is Sal, and I'm here to review Matt's course on YouTube Mastery and Monetization. It's really well-structured, especially for someone like me that's just starting, and it's very well-explained. Hopefully, I'll make a good, new channel, and I'll make another review on it when I start it. Thanks for everything, Matt.

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