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Tracy Weru

Tracy Wero just left a review on Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization course. What does she think?

Would Tracy Wero recommend the course to other up-and-coming Youtube creators?

Tracy says that the course taught her far more than any of the free programs he had previously signed up for. She says that Matt gave her all the tips she needed to start and quickly monetize his channel. Overall, Tracy views the course as a worthwhile investment and recommends it to his fellow content creators.


Hello, hi. My name is Tracy Wero. I just did the course for Matt Par and it was a really wonderful experience. The course covers things that you don't actually get to see on these other free websites. For example, I learned about how to get to use keywords, how to use metadata, and also how to come up with a great channel name and the top niches that are making money in YouTube. This is a course I would recommend for anyone. It's not just a payment. It's a lifetime investment. Thank you so much Matt Par.

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