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Wanjia Tang

Wanjia Tang just completed Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization course. What did she think?

Would Wanjia Tang recommend the course to a fellow content creator?

Wanjia says that the course was clear, informative, and valuable. Wanjia started the course as a Youtube novice, but she says that thanks to Matt’s step by step instructions and detailed explanations, she now knows all of the ins and outs of a profitable Youtube channel. She says that Matt has given her the confidence to start her own channel, and she highly recommends the course to anyone else who is trying to get their Youtube platform off of the ground.


Hello everyone. I just finished Matt's course, and I learned a lot from it. And my experience and takeaway from this has been tremendous, and I'm gonna put it into practice. The reason I feel like you should take Matt's course is because a lot of people probably have the similar idea and feeling out there as I did, which is you want to start a YouTube channel, and you just find it so unapproachable and mysterious on how to start. And it's like learning a piano, or an instrument, or a language, and you want to learn it from the professional, you want to start right. And Matt's does exactly that. I think he's very professional and you can gain great value from all his courses and lessons that he has uploaded through this course. And I learned so much in so much detail, like things you have never thought of behind a video, just a video, or a channel. And there is so much expertise in the information he could share through this course. And I highly recommend it if you are wanting to start a YouTube channel and you want to know how, and how to start it right. So make sure you take the chance, and invest in taking this course. I wish you best of luck. Okay, bye!

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