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Yuen Zhao Peng

We just got a brand new review from Yuen Zhao. Let’s see what he has to say.

What does Yuen Zhao think of Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization course?

Yuen Zhao says the course was highly accessible and comprehensive. He praised Matt for his step by step explanations and says that all of the information in the course was presented plainly and clearly. He also praised the open nature of the course, which allowed him to work through all of the material at his own pace and review lessons as needed. Finally, he praised the course’s private Facebook group, where he was able to contact Matt directly with questions as well as connect and collaborate with his fellow course members. Yuen says that the course is a sound investment and he highly recommends it to anyone who wants to transform their Youtube channel into a sustainable source of revenue.


Hey, what's up Matt , first of all, I would like to thank you for the videos that you're making to teach us how to do the YouTubes. This module is really step by step, and I really enjoyed it. I like how you actually break down, you know, in different parts and even sharing generously about the links and your ideas and everything that you have given us. And also along the way, I also notice that you have also given us extra videos, free videos on updated to Mastery 2.0, I haven't watched it yet. I'm about one week into the videos, I've watched the first module of it, I'm excited to actually continue with this journey I've just started and I'm totally new to this YouTube. So I'm excited to start my own channel as well. So Matt actually has broken down. So detailed in terms of a step by step what you should do exactly which phase how you should, if you would like in different of your own ways to outsource all your channels and everything. So I really appreciate that. I am gonna, you know, rewatch the videos. I like how this module has been structured, you can always watch on your own time. And also if you have any questions, I think the Facebook group, Matt is very active. So keep up the good work Matt. I like how you're very responsive to answering each of these questions. Honestly, I think I'll have more to come. But right now, you know, I just got to be on my journey for on my own. So thank you a big shout out to Matt for dedicating his time and effort to make this and to spread this joy, you know, to the rest of the world. Yeah, so I look forward to sharing my results with the group to encourage the others as well very soon. But of course, I'm gonna give myself some a little bit of time. So yeah, see you guys.

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