How Much YouTube Pays For 1,000 Views

Understanding YouTube Ad Revenue

YouTube shows ads on the videos that you upload at the beginning, sometimes in the middle, and at the end of your videos. Once you reach 4,000 hours of watch time and a thousand subscribers, you can join the YouTube Partner Program. This program allows YouTube to pay you a cut of the revenue generated from ads displayed on your videos.

How Much Can You Make?

Based on research conducted on various YouTube channels, it has been found that channels make between one dollar and thirty dollars per thousand views. The average channel makes around $15.50 per thousand views. However, most channels typically earn between five to ten dollars per thousand views.

Increasing Your Earnings

To increase your earnings per thousand views, consider creating a channel in a high RPM niche. RPM refers to how much you make per thousand views. Some niches, like finance, technology, health, and travel, tend to attract advertisers who pay more for placing ads on videos.

Additionally, creating videos longer than eight minutes can also boost your revenue. By adding multiple ad breaks throughout your video, you can increase the number of ads displayed and potentially earn more from each view. However, it is essential to balance ad placement with the viewer's experience and ensure that your longer videos provide value to the audience.

Selling Digital Products

An alternative revenue stream for YouTube channels is selling digital products. By offering products related to your channel's content, such as online courses or merchandise, you can significantly increase your earnings. Selling digital products alongside ad revenue can lead to higher overall income.

Case Studies

Let's look at some examples to understand the potential earnings of YouTube channels. A channel within the scary niche with 6.5 million views per month and an estimated RPM of $3 could be making around $20,000 per month from ad revenue. On the other hand, a channel in the investing niche with 1.9 million views per month and an RPM of $20 could be earning $39,000 monthly.

Furthermore, a tech-focused channel with 46 million views per month and an RPM of $10 could be making close to half a million dollars per month. These examples illustrate the significant earning potential of YouTube channels in various niches.

In the video above, I go over more case studies in depth and also talk about excactly how much YouTube pays me per thousand views on my different channels so you can get a better understanding of this.


While YouTube ad revenue can vary depending on niche, views, and ad placement, there are strategies to maximize your earnings. By creating valuable content, exploring high RPM niches, and considering digital product sales, you can increase your revenue and make the most of your YouTube channel.