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💻 Software

Tube Magic

Tube Magic is my suite of state-of-the-art AI tools that are built to help you find the right topics for your YouTube videos, write the right scripts, and optimize your videos correctly in order to get more views and subscribers on the platform.

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My recommendation for creating YouTube logos, thumbnails, etc since it has tons of great built in templates for all of this.

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VidIQ is what I use for keyword research and also their extension for further optimizing my videos while uploading them.

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If you want to run a stock footage based channel then Pictory can make this a lot simpler for you. Simply enter your sccript or voice over and Pictory will generate a whole video based on it which you can then edit.

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I use Tubebuddy for running thumbnail split tests. I only recommend getting it once your channel is established and running because before then your split tests won't be statistically significant.

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📷 Gear For Personal Brand

Main Cameras: Sony A7IV

I use 2 Sony A7IV's for two angles.

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Mic: Sony Clip on Mic

Cheapest Sony Clip on Mic From Amazon.

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Main Lens: 16-35mm G Master

Main angle lens. Nice wide angle and pretty decent blurred background.

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Second Angle Lens: 24mm G Master

Second angle lens. This one gives you amazing depth of field and an amazing blurred background.

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Mic Recorder: Tentacle Recorder

This is what the Sony Mic plugs into and records the audio.

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