How to Get More Views on YouTube With This Secret

Do you want to discover the number one secret I’ve been using for years to get millions of views on YouTube? Do you want to get more views on YouTube and blow up your channel? In this video I’m going to share a simple strategy with you that you can implement right now for fast results.

Recap Of This Series So Far

Now before I reveal this secret, let me go over what I covered in the last two videos. In video #1, I showed why making YouTube channels the way most people do it is not the best way to make money on YouTube and I explained why niche channels are so amazing. In video #2, I revealed 3 niches to do this in and example channels in those niches and how to start generating videos without ever showing your face. In case you haven’t watched the first two videos yet, make sure you do that right now because we covered a lot of important things in those videos and you need to watch those videos before this one.

Now, I’m really excited about this because I’m going to reveal something that has helped me get over 70 videos to having over 1 million views each and over a dozen videos with over 10 million views each. This is how you can truly go viral on YouTube. I call it similar metadata.

  • Metadata tells YouTube what your videos are about
  • It includes your title, description, and tags

Where Everyone Goes Wrong

Now here's where everyone goes wrong. They put drastically different titles, descriptions, and tags on every video they upload. By doing this they aren't taking full advantage of the YouTube algorithm. Now this isn't just a missed opportunity, but if you're doing this then your channel is literally leaking views.

The Secret

Now the secret is to have a set group of tags that you put on every single video on your channel. This puts viewers into what are called suggested video playback loops meaning your own video will be top in the suggested feed of all your other videos. This can turn a little bit of search traffic into millions of views. I’ve done this over and over again and it works like magic.

Now that isn’t to say that every video should be about the same exact thing and every video has the same exact title and description and tags, but the more similar the better it is.

Going viral on YouTube is completely within your control and now you know how.

Tube Mastery

If you got value from this, then I’ve got some good news. In my upcoming launch of my program Tube Mastery and Monetization I’ll be giving away all my best secrets, such as how to actually find the best tags to use for similar metadata with my secret keyword process so you can do it the right way for sure, how to make 10x more money than most YouTubers and how to automate your channel and get other people to run it for you. The program is going to launch in a few days, so make sure to keep an eye out for that. This is going to be the best training and community I’ve ever released and it contains everything I’ve ever learned about making money on YouTube without making videos.

In the next video, I’m going to reveal the complete blueprint, from start to finish, that you need to follow to do this the right way for sure and start making money from YouTube. I’m literally pulling back the curtains on my own business and showing you every single step you have to take. You don’t want to miss that video because I’m going to literally share the complete process with you!

Thanks so much for watching the video and reading this article everybody. Stay tuned for the next video and article and I’ll see you there.