How to Increase Click Through Rate on YouTube

One of the most common questions I get asked is, Matt, how can I increase the click through rate on my YouTube videos? You keep telling me to increase my click through rate. How in the world do I actually do it? Now here is a simple tip on how you guys can increase your click through rate on your YouTube videos.

The Secret to Increasing Click Through Rate

The secret to increasing the click through rate on your YouTube videos is by using a little something called human emotion. Now if you go on YouTube and look at some of the top videos on YouTube on the trending page of YouTube, you'll notice something very interesting. A lot of the top videos on YouTube utilize an insane amount of human emotion on their thumbnails.

The reason they do this is because we as humans, we're designed, we've evolved to view certain emotions and have certain reactions to people making certain facial figures and for that reason when we see certain thumbnails, we want to click on them.

What Emotions Should You Use?

Using human emotion in your thumbnails, an exaggerated emotion, whatever it might be, maybe an extreme amount of happiness or maybe an extreme amount of like fear, like it's scary. Any of those emotions work.

Examples of Human Emotion on YouTube Thumbnails

Just make sure that on your YouTube thumbnails, you're portraying a huge amount of human emotion, and here are some examples of using human emotion on thumbnails and these channels are benefiting greatly because of that.

Look at the view counts on these videos


Now, click, the rate isn't the only statistic on YouTube that you should look at. There's a ton of different statistics, and if you want to learn my best tips, tricks, secrets, I actually put together a completely free training for you, check it out at the button below. It's going to help you guys a ton if you're trying to succeed on YouTube. I hope this post helps you guys a ton, see you soon!