YouTube VS Real Estate

“YouTube versus real estate, which one should I invest in?” I get asked this question a lot because I talk a lot about YouTube channels being like a digital asset that you can invest money in the content creation and then that content can potentially bring you in money every single month for the rest of your life and you can sort of think of it like a property, a digital property on the web in that sense.

Should You Invest in YouTube or Real Estate?

Honestly, it depends on your skillset. If you have a lot of knowledge in real estate and you know exactly how real estate works, then by all means, I would feel a lot safer investing my money in real estate if I had an expertise in that.

I personally have more of an expertise in YouTube and how YouTube works and I can be pretty darn sure that what I do is going to be successful because I know exactly what works on YouTube.

I know the tips and tricks and secrets of YouTube because I've been doing it for five years and because of that, I actually feel more comfortable investing my money in YouTube.

This could change as time goes on, but currently, as of right now, I feel more comfortable investing my money in YouTube because I know how to get a return on that money more than I would know how to get a return on that money if I were investing in real estate.

I might learn about real estate as time goes on and my opinion might change, but as of right now, it depends on your skill set.


If you know nothing about real estate and nothing about YouTube, you can sign up for my free training at this link and at the button below. It's going to teach you a ton about YouTube, so you guys at least have some skills and some expertise in something and then you can either go and create your own YouTube channel, start making money online, or help other people create YouTube channels and make money that way.