Naijha Wright-Brown

Naijha Wright-Brown just completed our course. Here’s what she had to say.

What did Naijha Wright-Brown think of Matt Par’s Youtube Mastery and Monetization course?

Naijha found the course very informative. She praised Matt for showing a multitude of strategies for effectively monetizing a channel, and she says that the course has motivated her to learn more about her platform. She says that the course is a sound investment and she would recommend it to all of her fellow content creators.


I must say that Matt Par's YouTube Mastery and Monetization video was informative, it was detailed, it gave me everything I need to get started in creating my own YouTube channel. I am so happy, and a matter of fact, I purchased this course during the pandemic while the state of Maryland was shut down. I used a PayPal six-month no interest loan because I'm unemployed right now. So, I took a risk and that's what I did to finance the course and I feel that it was well worth it and hopefully by six months it'll pay for itself. But, he has motivated me to learn a lot more about YouTube and the fact that he broke down the different ways that you can make money in YouTube, that alone was priceless, so I am very happy that I was introduced to Matt by an affiliate and I look forward to learning more from Matt and definitely making the most out of my YouTube channel, so definitely, definitely it's money well-worth investing in yourself, learning about the YouTube platform and definitely learning it from Matt. So, much success, sending blessings your way.