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You also have my full permission to create short form content from any of my long form videos as long as you’re promoting Tube Mastery with it.
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Feel free to remake any of my YouTube videos in your own way as long as you’re promoting Tube Mastery.



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Always go through your link to the checkout page and make sure your affiliate ID shows up in the bottom-right corner.

✅ If it does, then you’re good and will get your commission.

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Post long form YouTube videos on subjects like making money online, getting views and subscribers on YouTube, and running faceless channels. Similar to my channel.
Writing blog posts on the same subjects, and posting best sections on Twitter, etc modeling what is working. ChatGPT can help with generating content.
Growing an Instagram page by running shout outs to it and then putting your affiliate link as the link in bio.
Recording or writing an honest review of the program if you own Tube Mastery yourself.
Using free YouTube traffic is one of the best ways you can promote this program. Simply make a review video, testimonial, or talk about the course and post your video to YouTube.
The keyword "matt par" is searched for 60,000 times per month on YouTube and has very low competition, so the time to take advantage of this is now!

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