How to Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos With Niche Channels

Did you know that you can make money on YouTube without ever getting behind a camera or showing your face?

I know that sounds crazy, but if you want to achieve success on YouTube without spending hours a day in front of a camera filming with countless retakes, buying extremely expensive video and audio equipment and without even being good at technology, I’d love to introduce you to something called Niche YouTube Channels.

If you prefer, you can watch this video to discover how to use niche channels to make money on YouTube without making videos

My name is Matt Par and I actually do this method. I run 9 different YouTube channels, 8 of which are niche channels where I don’t even make the videos for those channels. I’ve been able to get over 1 million subscribers on a single channel and over 100,000 subscribers on multiple other channels and I’ve never shown my face on these channels.

Just a couple years ago in 2014 I was a completely broke high school student. At the time, I had a YouTube channel and would just upload all these random videos of gaming videos, backyard stunts, and videos with my friends. I would be lucky to have a video get 10 views.

That is until I came across a YouTube channel that uploaded videos without showing their face, they used other peoples’ videos but did a voice over on top of them and made them fair use and the videos seemed so easy to make.

So you know what I did? I took this crappy iPhone I had at the time, did voice overs in my high pitch squeaky voice, and uploaded the videos to YouTube. After switching to this method I was able to get to making $3,000 a month within a few months and I got to making $9,000 a month within the first year and this is just with one channel.

And what’s amazing about niche channels is that they can be outsourced, meaning you can pay other people to make the videos for you. So I put together a content team on that original channel for very cheap and was able to start more channels in different niches and today I run 9 different channels and make over $30,000 a month from them from just ad revenue alone.

I was able to get the gold play button from YouTube for hitting over 1 million subscribers and several silver play buttons for hitting over 100,000 subscribers on multiple other channels.

What Most People Think Regarding Doing YouTube

Now before I explain to you what this unique way of doing YouTube is, let me first explain what most people think of when they think of doing YouTube. And this will give you more context so you understand how amazing niche channels truly are. When most people think about doing YouTube, they think about getting behind a camera and filming videos. And while there are some good pros to this method there’s a lot of cons.

  • You spend a lot of money buying expensive cameras, microphones, lighting, and setting up a studio
  • You sit there trying to come up with new ideas for videos that you hope will get views (and for most people they never do)
  • You spend hours in front of a camera filming a video with countless retakes (and you have to be a good on-camera personality)
  • You edit for hours and hours and then when you finally get your video uploaded that took so much effort to make you have to deal with
  • People attacking you personally in the comments
  • Getting no views
  • Then you do the process again…and again

You may have been thinking about doing this, you may have done it and know how much of a draining process this can be, or you’ve seen other people try to do this and fail. I’ve seen so many people try to do this.

Now let me explain the benefits of running niche channels.

  • With niche channels, you don’t have to ever step in front of a camera, meaning you don’t have to have a crazy personality and have to deal with everything involved in that whole process.
  • You can start generating videos for completely free meaning there is an insane profit margin
  • And most importantly, you’ll be able to outsource the entire process and run multiple channels and scale

Just Imagine...

Imagine you just had one niche channel and made an extra $3,000 a month. How would that change your life? Would you be able to quit your job? Or imagine running multiple niche channels that are fully automated and you just spend a few hours managing the operation while those channels bring in consistent revenue every day. And then with the rest of your time, you’re free to do whatever you want. And you have consistent money coming in to pay for whatever you want to pay for in your life.

How would you feel if you woke up everyday knowing that you have channels bringing in consistent income for you? And think about everything else that would fall in place such as being able to spend more time with the people you truly care about, being able to travel, and being able to do whatever you want. It would be a game changer right?

In the next video I’ll show you exactly how to start implementing this unique way of doing YouTube and I’ll walk you through a simple strategy that you can use to get results fast, so make sure to stay tuned so you don’t miss the next video. I’ve also got some exciting news for those who are serious about doing this the right way, for sure, over the next 90 days. In a few days I’m going to be releasing my program Tube Mastery and Monetization with a ton of bonuses and I’m going to take a hand-full of new students and teach them exactly how I build profitable niche channels from scratch.

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That being said, I hope you enjoyed this article and video. And as I mentioned already, stay tuned for the next video because I’ll be showing you exactly how to start with niche channels correctly and achieve success on YouTube. See you there!